Where To Find Synthetic Urine For Sale


Today, there are more recreational drug users than before. This recreational drug use can hinder you from getting a good job, and this is because good employers require drug tests as a prerequisite to employment. Various drug test cheats have been discovered in the past, but the most successful and most fool proof is the synthetic urine.

There are different brands of synthetic urine available for sale and finding the best one may be difficult. This article will explain where to buy synthetic urine and how to choose the best product.


Where to look for synthetic urine?


You can get this product in both local and online stores. However, buying it online is more preferred. It is easily available in online stores, and you can enjoy the privilege of ordering it without being physically present.

If you like to be discreet, then you should consider this option. With online shopping, you can get it as soon as possible. Most online shops ship out your order on the same day, and you can have it in time for your interview. You won't be burdened with traveling to your local store to buy it. You will also know when a product is out of stock on an online store as opposed to the local store.

Buying your synthetic urine online gives you the option of picking from a wide variety of brands. You can opt for the powdered or liquid synthetic urine. Both products are great, but for someone who is in a hurry, the liquid product is recommended. It has an active self-heating mechanism that allows it to mimic normal urine when it is poured out of its vial. The heating mechanism makes it warm like normal body temperature. The powdered urine, on the other hand, needs to be mixed with water before it can be used. So you should consider this before ordering a product.

Only a few local stores sell synthetic urine, so don't be surprised if you can't find it in your nearest store. If you want to go and get it by yourself, then you should go to your local head shop. These shops always have the synthetic urine stocked up for people who need them.

buy synthetic urine in local store

However, it is not guaranteed that they will have the product in stock. To save yourself some trouble, you can call the local head shop ahead of time to find out if they have the fake pee.

Some websites provide information about where to find stores that sell synthetic urine near your location. These websites can also help you to find online stores that sell this product and information about their shipping rates to make it easier for you. Some stores can deliver it in an hour if you need it urgently. Most stores do not ship on weekends, but you can make arrangements for a "Rush Delivery" which will be shipped out early on Monday and just in time for your interview.


Which product should you get?


After you decide on where to shop for the synthetic urine, you will need to pick a brand that will work well. The two most recommended brands on the market are Quick Fix Synthetic Urine and the famous Sub Solution Synthetic Urine. Sub solution is toxin free and also undetectable. It comes with a chemical heating powder which heats up the pee in a few seconds. Quick Fix comes in two types, but it doesn't have the heating solution the Sub Solution has. Heating it is not a problem, all you need is a heating pad or incognito belt to sneak it in.  

You can get both products online directly from the manufacturers to be sure you are getting value for your money. You can also find other online stores that sell different brands of synthetic urine.




You can enjoy your recreational drug use without having to worry about drug tests on the job or as a prerequisite for employment with synthetic urine. It is easy to use and can be bought either online or in local stores.

If you choose to buy it by yourself, go to the local head store as it isn’t sold in regular stores. If you opt to have it delivered to you discreetly, then buying it online is the best option. You can search for stores that sell synthetic urine near you or use directory sites to find online stores.